About Us

We are experts in equipment leasing and finance who work with both sellers and buyers of equipment:

  • Sellers of Equipment: Our team designs, develops and implements successful finance and equipment leasing programs ranging from vendor sales assistance programs to fully integrated captive finance companies.
  • Buyers of Equipment: We provide a wide range of leasing and finance solutions to end users who buy equipment.

Our work spans a broad range of industries: manufacturing, automotive, medical, transportation, environmental, commercial and industrial business products, agriculture, construction, office products, security, food service, hospitality, and plastics. The products we finance range from heavy machinery to software and services.

Barry W. Burdick is the President and founder of Leasing Strategies, Inc.  He has worked in the leasing and finance industry for over 30 years, and previously held senior management positions as President of Advanta Capital Funding Group, Senior Vice President of American Equipment Leasing and American Commercial Credit, and Vice President of Diversified Operations for the Medical Inter-Insurance Exchange.

The Leasing Strategies team includes seasoned leasing and finance industry veterans. Clients are matched with representatives who facilitate every aspect of financing. As experts in your industry, our people become part of your team to help you achieve your goals.

We are passionate about our work and look forward to the new opportunities and challenges each client presents.  Success begins with a phone call to Barry Burdick:  215-932-6382.

Strategic Innovation in Leasing & Finance